So, you've got a yoga mat. But if you're not storing it properly, you might be experiencing mess, clutter, and chaos; words that come to mind when you think of disorganization. 

Disorganization is detrimental to your concentration, cluttering not only your environment but your mind, too. The distraction of chaos and surrounding disorder prevents complete focus, hindering your ability to accomplish your goals. 

Introspection is one of the fundamental goals of yoga. At its core, introspection is awareness of one's internal and external environment. It is an acknowledgement of thoughts and feelings as they arise and requires turning one's attention inward to observe mental and physical experiences from one moment to the next. 

Reaching a state of introspection requires a deep level of focus. Therefore, your environment should be free of distractions and conducive to complete concentration in order to reap the full benefits of your yoga practice.

What is Yoga Mat Storage?

Yoga mat storage gives you a designated place to put your mat. It enables you to organize your equipment and maintain order in your space. It also prevents damage to your gear from culprits like sun exposure, pet claws, and dirty shoes — all of which will wear down the mat’s surface over time and cause it to lose its grip and soft cushion.

The most common examples of yoga mat storage include baskets, shelving units, wall-mounted racks, and tubes. While many options are available on the market, the right yoga mat storage solution for you will be one that aligns your home interior with your inner goals, enabling you to focus on what matters most: maintaining a regular practice.

Features of the Best Yoga Mat Storage Solution 

Yoga mat storage is crucial to keeping your space organized, preventing distraction and protecting your mat from damage. Whether you’re storing a single mat or an entire collection, many options are available.

Here are some features to keep in mind while you shop:


Naturally, you want to ensure that your storage system will fit in the area where you plan on putting it, so it’s essential to consider the amount of space you have to work with.

Many people opt for single-mat solutions if they are short on room or simply don’t use multiple mats during their practice. If this sounds like you, then opt for something small and discrete, such as a freestanding yoga mat holder like the Homi Tube by Mache. This unit takes up minimal space and is portable, making it a great option if you practice in multiple places. With this simple and sleek storage solution, you won’t have to worry about any complaints from those you live with dissatisfied with your mat leaning in a corner and cluttering up the space. 

Wall-mounted yoga storage is also an excellent option for folks with limited square footage. These yoga brackets attach directly to walls and are dual-purpose, capable of storing different types of yoga equipment, such as mats and blocks.


Whether it’s your living room, home gym, or a professional studio — the place where you practice yoga is sacred. So naturally, you want your yoga space to reflect who you are and how you like to live. 

Everyone’s taste is different, so your yoga mat storage solution should blend seamlessly with your style and match the rest of your space. 

With a personalizable yoga mat tube by Mache, you can match your outer environment to your inner vision — whatever and wherever it may be.


Most storage solutions on the market incorporate standardized materials such as plastic and adhesives. While these materials improve functionality and offer great solutions to the problem of storage, they may not answer to longevity, sustainability, personalization, or enhancement of your studio.

Though slightly more expensive, products made from sustainable materials prioritize longevity — and when it comes to crafting yoga storage solutions, Mache keeps lifespan in mind. All yoga storage products made by Mache consist of durable materials and high-quality components such as recycled wood pulp, breathable natural fibers, and non-toxic adhesives. 

The result? 

A customizable and consciously-crafted yoga storage solution with low environmental impact, built to last for years to come.


Many storage solutions fail to meet sustainability standards, instead using plastic materials and toxic adhesives in production. Common examples include PVC (a toxic plastic) and wood particleboard, which off-gases carcinogenic formaldehyde. Though these products are functional and give you a place to store your belongings, they may not necessarily support conscious consumerism or eco-friendly initiatives.

For Mache, green is more than just a color — it is a commitment that lies at the heart of every product, sustainably sourced and consciously crafted. With an eco-friendly yoga mat tube, you can rest assured that your storage solution is sustainable, will support your practice, complement your space, and honor the planet.

Enhance Your Studio with Yoga Mat Storage 

Yoga mat storage is a must-have for any yoga space. 

But organizing your studio can be daunting, especially if you have a lot of equipment. In addition to mats and blocks, you'll need to consider how you'll store other items you regularly use, such as straps and blankets.

A stylish and customizable solution lets you match your yoga mat storage to your personal preferences and needs, whatever they may be. 

This way, you can choose a material that works with and enhances your practice and aesthetic. For example, if you practice hot yoga, it makes sense to pick something that's moisture-resistant, so it doesn't get damaged by sweat. 

With the right yoga mat storage solution, you — and your students, if you teach — will appreciate the convenience and organization, and you’ll love having one designated place to put everything.

Closing Considerations

With the proper storage solution, you can ensure that your yoga space is clean and organized with equipment that matches your style, is functional, and helps you find your flow. 

With a Yoga Mat Tube by Mache, you can take your studio — and your practice — to the next level. 

Browse the selection and buy yours today! 

If you own a yoga studio and are looking for a commercial storage solution, reach out for a consultation. 


Team Mache lives and breathes Sustainability, Wellness, and Design

Our yoga mat holders are handcrafted in small batches in the Pacific Northwest. We work hard to create products that are inspiring, practical, and reflective of ethical production.

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December 15, 2022 — Team Mache

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