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Mache is a conscious design studio on a mission to create a healthier world. We have distilled over 11 years of experience specializing in eco-friendly materials and sustainable design principles, into our wellness-inspired approach to design is two main tenants: work with the highest quality of sustainably-sourced ingredients and let the beauty and power of nature, and natural systems, be celebrated.

At Mache Wellness Design Studio, we specialize in making products and spaces that enhance wellbeing and harmonize with the natural world. Our portfolio of work includes eco- and health-conscious products, furniture and homes, yoga studios, health clinics, farm-to-table restaurants, sustainable vineyard estates, wellness-focused workplaces and co-housing communities.

What does Wellness Design mean? 

We work with you to extend your personal principles of health and wellbeing into the built environment, to realize a bespoke space in full alignment with your healthy lifestyle and sustainability goals.

Work directly with our CEO and wellness designer Brienne Derosier to transform your space into a place of sustainable luxury.

Wellness Design Strategies

Brienne will infuse the principles of health and wellness into your home or business using the following strategies:

Non-toxic Material Selection:

Brienne is on a mission to end the use of harmful Red List Materials (heavy metals and chemicals) commonly found in furniture and building materials. In her design work and product line, she embraces the beauty of biodegradable materials, made from local and renewable resources.

Eco-friendly Furniture Selection:

In direct response to the destruction created by today's booming Fast Furniture industry, the majority of furnishings on the market are poorly made using materials like particleboard and laminate that are not sustainable, and contribute to the ocean's decline, deforestation and an increase in toxic landfill waste.

In contrast, Brienne sources sustainable furnishings, made of natural materials, from conscious vendors committed to Earth's wellbeing.

Conscious Color Consultation:

By blending the principles of western Color Theory with the ancient spatial disciplines of eastern Feng Shui and Vastu, Brienne helps you to determine the best color palette for your living, work and play spaces.

Electric Lighting Consultation:

Good electric lighting is critical to feeling good indoors. A carefully considered lighting plan is multi-layered and unique to the location. Our team curates fixtures to match your vision for "the feel" of each space. We bring a critical eye to lighting technologies, providing insight to the impacts of various lighting types on wellbeing.

Brienne's Design Specialities

Self-care Space Design

Work with Brienne to create a self-care space to nourish your mind, body and spirit. From luxury she-sheds to restorative Zen Dens, Brienne works with the principles of Wellness Design to custom shape your space into a place of optimal enjoyment, wellbeing, and respite.

Eco-friendly Vacation Rental Design

Stand out from the Airbnb flock with a vacation rental that is designed with sustainable luxury in mind. With Brienne's proven Wellness Design Formula, you can be sure to provide a stand-out, positive experience for travelers and a passive, sustainable income stream for yourself.

Yoga + Fitness Studio Design

Hire our design team to build out the home gym or professional fitness studio of your dreams! As experts of spatial layout, as well as fitness equipment and organization, we realize clean, inviting and inspiring fitness studios custom-designed to take your business to the next level.

Workplace Wellness Design

Increase workplace productivity and happiness by applying wellness design strategies such as access to daylight, color therapy, ergonomics, sound buffering and good indoor air quality. We work with you and your staff to design a supportive environment for your business to thrive.

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