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GREEN is more than a color. We are part of a movement that is sweeping through the design world. A movement to bring a higher level of consciousness to consumption choices. Our design and manufacturing process of our yoga storage promotes wellness from a biological level, by eliminating the use of harmful Red List Materials (heavy metals and chemicals) commonly found in furniture and building materials. Unlike food product manufacturers, there are no regulatory requirements to list materials used in the construction of home goods and furnishings.

We embrace the beauty of biodegradable materials, made from natural and renewable resources, and rise to the creative challenge of alchemizing recycled materials into modern and innovative applications. It is up to companies like us, partnering with consumers, to shift the industry standards. Together, we can open the door to a greener, renewable future that is filled with beautifully designed, sustainably sourced, and life-affirming products.

Our Promise 


Celebrate "Green" Materials

We use eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood pulp, breathable natural fibers, non-toxic & water-based coatings to ensure our yoga storage products are low-impact on the planet and safe to enjoy in your home and workplace


Minimize Carbon Footprint

We minimize our carbon footprint through intelligent product design, local material sourcing (whenever possible), packaging material reduction, and recycling or repurposing of any unused manufacturing materials

Yoga storage
Yoga mat storage


Maximize Material Efficiency

Our team maximizes material efficiency as our made-to-order production process eliminates the need for costly unused inventory. All Mache yoga mat storage products are packaged to ship using material scraps discarded during the manufacturing process


Invest in Conscious Economies

We partner with local makers, tradespeople, small manufacturers and community leaders who share our values around Earth sustainability and the importance of self-care for life balance

sustainable home gym storage
sustainable home gym storage
sustainable home gym storage

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