Here at Mache, we are always on the lookout for sustainable, well-designed products for ourselves and for our eco-conscious customers. With over 16 years in wellness design, from interiors to the products that fill them, we get absolutely giddy when we find wellness products made from a planet-friendly ethos, that are functional and beautiful, with the potential of taking any wellness practice to the next level.

We loved the following brands so much that we brought them together to co-sponsor the upcoming Wellness Immersion in Oaxaca, Mexico! Each attendee will receive a wellness toolkit, filled with products from these mindful brands to continue supporting and nurturing yourself, long after the 7-day immersion.


Here are Mache’s top tools to ensure your wellness practice thrives in 2023!



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Walden Meditation Cushion

Walden's meditation cushion promotes and inspires mindfulness. Its elevated design qualities pair with durability and comfort. The cushion fill consists of organic, hypoallergenic buckwheat hulls, sustainably sourced from upstate New York. Mache’s team is always enamored with products that are functional and consciously made. Walden will buy back your old cushion for store credit! This avoids the possibility of it ending up in a landfill somewhere- Bravo, Walden! The cushions feature an elevated palette of neutral colors that we don't mind leaving it out in our living room instead of tucked away in a closet when not in use. Plus, they offer multiple sizes, travel-size included, designed to maintain good habits on the road. Priced at $75-$300.




Mache Sustainable Yoga Storage

Mache Yoga Storage

We are proud to include Mache’s block storage redesign, the Yoke Block Stand and Wall Bracket. The redesign decreased material waste by 25% and has been a home run with our staff and our customers! The Yoke Collection is designed to attach to our Homi Yoga Mat Tubes and together they house one yoga mat, two yoga blocks and one yoga strap, all in one tidy floor model or wall-bracket storage solution designed to maximize floor space. Not only do we use eco-friendly materials, but our manufacturing and shipping practices are sustainable too. Prices range from $120-250.




Lune Active Sustainable Athleisure

Lune Active

We love when clothing companies evolve their mission to integrate sustainable materials and manufacturing processes into their operations. Lune is one of those, and we couldn't be more impressed with their products and goals for the future. In 2020, they replaced  80% of the polyester and polyamide in their products with recycled alternatives. They also introduced BCSI cotton and now 75% of their cotton is organic, with a goal of 100% by 2023. At Mache, we vote with our dollars, and Lune has got our support for persevering in an industry that rarely chooses the sustainable and planet-friendly route. Not only are they aligned with our values, but we are thrilled with the styles and quality they offer. Plus, the clothes are so soft and luxurious! For someone who lives and works in athleisure wear, Lune has been a real find for the Mache staff. Prices range from $80-$190.





Ananday Cork Massage Balls and Canvas Mat Bag

Ananday's cork massage ball set is one of our favorite muscle recovery tools. Made from 100% renewable cork, which is recyclable and biodegradable, these massage balls are ideal for acupressure and the massage of hands, feet, legs, shoulders, and pretty much everywhere else that needs some loving attention. We love to incorporate these balls into our morning practice to wake up the body and deepen our asanas and at night they are perfect for yin practice to relieve the tension from the day. They are so lightweight that they can easily pack for business trips and vacations. And, of course, the fact that they plant a tree for every ball sold warms our planet-friendly heart. Priced at $36 for a set of two.


Ananday's canvas yoga bag has got to be our favorite way to transport a mat. Made sustainably with 100% natural cotton canvas and metal fixtures, without polyester, synthetics, or plastic, this bag helps us keep our yoga props toxic free and the planet happy! The bag is made well, sturdy, and is aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for yoga classes and retreats and large enough to transport all your yoga goodies and a change of clothes. One bag = one tree planted- thank you Ananday! Priced at $76.




Komuso Design


Komuso used proven science to engineer a tool that encourages you to access longer exhales more often which makes you breathe better as a habit. Extending your exhales immediately reverses the “fight or flight” response within two minutes by lowering cortisol (the stress hormone), blood pressure and heart rate. In this crazy chaotic world we find ourselves in, who couldn’t use a bit of serenity? The Shift is a necklace concept that simply slows your exhale to 8+ seconds which triggers your vagus nerve to calm your nervous system, naturally and silently, without the pitfalls of wearable technology such as having to buy an app, go through batteries, or being exposed to counterproductive electromagnetic radiation! In place of wearable tech, Komuso has created wearable wellness art. Made from medical grade stainless steel, Komuso has created an aesthetic of simplicity and quality. One of our staff used the “cuff” bracelet to help her quit smoking and said that it was one of the most beneficial tools she used to finally put an unhealthy habit to rest. Priced at $85-$135.



That wraps up the 2023 Mache Wellness Product Round Up. We would like to leave you with a list of qualities to look for when purchasing your next sustainable wellness tool:

  • Non-toxic and plastic-free materials
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices
  • Carbon conscious shipping & return policies 
  • Product lifecycle: what happens at the end of its life
  • Social and economic impact
  • Giveback programs
  • January 17, 2023 — Team Mache

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