Since the pandemic, many of us were forced to work out from home. With gyms and studios closed, people bought exercise bikes, treadmills, and rowing machines to maintain their physical fitness. 

In the 2020, sales of fitness equipment grew by 170%. The home gym experience has plenty of benefits, including privacy and accessibility. It’s easier to go on a daily run when your treadmill is just a few feet away. Even as gyms and parks start to reopen, home gyms offer too many benefits to resist. Not only do you have more privacy, but it can be a safer and cleaner environment. 

But you don’t need a garage, basement, or an entire room to create a home gym. Creating a home gym can be as simple as carving out a nook in your living area or bedroom. Whether you’re building a home gym or looking to organize your equipment, this guide will help you build a beautiful, eco-friendly space. 


10 Tips to Design Your Home Gym for Wellness


1. Buy Eco-Friendly Materials When Possible

Depending on your workout routine, you may invest in floor mats, cardio equipment, or dumbbells when building your home gym. Minimize your environmental impact by buying eco-friendly equipment. Look for items made from cork, bamboo, or recycled plastics. 

When you can, buy second-hand equipment. Building a home gym can vary in price, with some cardio equipment costing more than $1,000. By buying second-hand equipment, you reduce its impact on both your wallet and the planet.


2. Use Weight-Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are the perfect solution for small spaces and small budgets. As you progress in your workout journey, you grow stronger and need heavier weights to challenge and grow your body. Skip buying dumbbells every few months, and opt for adjustable dumbbells. 

Adjustable dumbbells are usually made of metal (instead of plastic), and you can buy metal plates to increase the weight. Not only do you use less space and money, but fewer materials also mean less environmental impact.


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3. Invest in Non-Toxic Yoga Mats

Whether you practice yoga or not, yoga mats are essential to your home gym. This versatile accessory is perfect for stretching, floor exercises, HIIT workouts and, of course, yoga. 

While essential, we can’t overlook the environmental impact of yoga mats. Almost half of the yoga mats produced each year are made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. This highly toxic material requires lots of energy, cancer-causing chemicals, and produces toxic waste to make.

When buying yoga mats, look for mats made from recycled materials or cork. These eco-friendly alternatives have significantly less impact on the environment, while serving the same purpose as a PVC-made yoga mat. We love Jade Yoga's natural rubber yoga mat!


4. Protect Your Equipment

But, if you already have a yoga mat, throwing it out and buying an eco-friendly mat is just as harmful. Buying things you don’t need creates unnecessary plastic waste for our oceans and our landfills. 

Instead of buying a new mat, lengthen the lifespan of your current yoga mat with our yoga tube storage. Our eco-friendly tubes protect your mats from natural wear, dirt, and pets– really anything that may cause wear. By lengthening its lifespan, you reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, shipping, and recycling your yoga mat.


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5. Add Durable Storage to Organize Your Home Gym

Speaking of protecting your equipment, carving out space for all your equipment will help streamline your workout routine. Opt for storage units that can display your beautiful equipment. You can also use storage boxes to minimize clutter– and to protect your equipment.

When looking for gym storage, always look for second-hand furniture. Is your friend moving out of their apartment? Ask if they’re getting rid of any bookcases or storage units. Even if these items don’t match your color scheme, you can always paint and upcycle. Mache’s eco-friendly durable yoga storage holds your mat, blocks, foam rollers and more while improving the design of your home wellness space.


6. Look at the Brand’s Mission and Values

‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’ seem to be splattered on all marketing materials today. It may be tempting to buy the first ‘eco-friendly’ item you see on the internet, but how ‘eco-friendly’ is it? How does that company define ‘sustainability’?

Remember to do your research when buying equipment and materials for your home gym. Look beyond the ‘sustainability’ tag and look at the brand’s mission statement and values. At Mache, we make sure to align our words and actions. From material sourcing to shipment packaging, we make sure to minimize waste and conserve energy when building our yoga tube storage.


7. Clean With “Natural Bleach” or Other Healthy Alternatives

Make sure to regularly clean your home gym to lengthen its life span, reduce wear, and for general maintenance. Replace your chemical disinfectant with a DIY home gym cleaner or products with a Green Seal or EcoLogo on the container. Environmentally friendly products contain less toxic chemicals, and keeps your home safer for children or pets.

Opting to create your own home gym cleaner? Even better! This way, you know exactly what goes into your cleaning supplies and reduce plastic waste. 


8. Add Mirrors to Expand Your Space– And Check Your Form 

Mirrors are the perfect solution for small home gym spaces. With mirrors, you create an illusion that your space is double what it is. If you’re in a poorly lit area of your home, they also reflect sunlight and brighten your space. 

They also benefit your daily workout routine. Are you practicing a new yoga routine? Use mirrors to spot mistakes in your posture! This multi-functional item is great for improving your form and practice, while creating a more beautiful space.


9. Get Durable Flooring for Your Home Gym Design

Durable flooring is a must, if you’re adding cardio equipment to your home gym. Adding durable flooring, like floor mats, is essential to protect your original flooring from any impact and wear. 

When buying floor mats, look for natural and recycled rubber options. If you’re looking for a more organic and natural alternative, opt for cork floor mats.


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10. Choose Uplifting Colors to Motivate You

Speaking of beautiful spaces, your home gym is for you (and whoever else lives in your home!). Choose a color scheme that uplifts and motivates you to work out and continue your practice. 

When choosing a color scheme, think about your personal workout routine. Do you work out early in the morning or late at night? Opt for bright colors, like yellows and oranges, to wake you up. By considering your personal routine and habits, you create a space that works for you both internally and externally. 

Curating a space that works for you (and your partner or family) is essential. You’re bound to spend plenty of time in your home gym, so it’s important to create a space that brings you comfort and motivates you! Looking for additional support in designing your home gym? Work with our CEO and wellness designer, Brienne Derosier, with a virtual wellness design consultation!


Do you want to elevate your home wellness space? Discover yoga tubes, block stands and wall brackets to organize your home gym.


June 22, 2021 — Team Mache

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