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We are on a mission to remove all toxic chemicals from self-care

Sustainable to our Core

Crafted out of recycled and natural materials, our eco-storage will keep your mat clean, tidy, and ready to unroll. Why? Because just like you we love our yoga practice just as much as we love our planet.

From wellness warriors
From wellness warriors
As someone who absolutely loves to keep my things organized, I was so happy to have found @hey.mache and their beautiful AND sustainable yoga mat storage. SUCH a game-changer, trust me! ⁠
— Brittni Soo @brittnisoo
Woman Putting Away Yoga Mat in Yoga Mat Holder Storage
From wellness warriors
It's beautiful!!! So in love with it all. Besides it being pretty, it gives you so much organization. It fits my mat, blanket, 2 blocks, and strap. Great investment!
— Sandy Mismith
Yoga Mat Holder with Floor Stand in Front of Pink Wall
From wellness warriors
Had we not found Brienne’s creations @hey.mache, our yoga mats would’ve been shoved into the backs of our closet collecting dust as compared to the beautiful sculpture it now embodies which serves as a practical storage space as well as a daily reminder for us to take a break, breathe, and practice yoga.
— Christina Chan @__christinapyne
Person doing yoga at home beside their yoga mat storage
From wellness warriors
I love this yoga mat and block stand! The communication was great and I received it way faster than I expected! All around great experience!
— Bryanna Gallaway
Yoga Mat Holder with Floor Stand in Front of Grey Wall with "Empowered Women Empower Women" Motif
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