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About Us

Hey, we’re Mache. We design beautiful yoga mat storage that supports your practice while honoring the planet. Mache is the result of 11 years of experience in earth-friendly, sustainable design. All of our yoga storage products are handmade locally in the Pacific Northwest in small batches, and processed clean. We strive to make useful & inspiring goods that reflect responsible manufacturing. Not only is the final product eco-friendly the fabrication process is too! 

Our Core Values

A business is a living thing, and we’re committed to growing with intention.
Here are the core agreements we use to keep ourselves on track for success.

Make More With Less

Reduce waste by creative and responsible resource use.

Align Action & Word

Live our values. Align what we do with what we believe.

Choose Wisely

Vote with our dollar. Consciously consume. 

Handle with Care

Invest in self-care and the well-being of others.

Embrace Change

Assess, adapt, evolve. Be resilient.

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Our Team

Founder of sustainable yoga storage company

Brienne Derosier

Founder & CEO of Mache

Brienne has always been her most joyful when building something, solving a puzzle, or pioneering an idea. Growing up in Arizona and France, she focused her attention and creativity in the arts; painting and dance. Informed by an artistic childhood and an education in architecture, she has a strong penchant and passion for innovative design.

She also founded 2Yoke Design, which specializes in modern interiors, using green and sustainable materials to promote wellness within the environment. 2Yoke’s design portfolio includes eco- and health-conscious homes, yoga studios, health clinics, farm-to-table restaurants, ergonomic workplaces and co-housing communities. It was designing in this capacity that opened Brienne’s eyes to the critical lack of non-toxic materials and manufacturing processes inherent in the architecture, furniture and home goods industries and inspired her to found Mache. Brienne believes it is up to responsible companies, partnering with conscious consumers, to shift industry standards towards greener business practices. Being a part of this movement toward greater sustainability and creating wellness in all human spaces informs and energizes her design process.

Brienne makes her home in Southern Oregon with her partner Chad and dog Ollie. Her self-care routine includes daily green tea, hot baths, and cooking with fresh vegetables and herbs from her garden. She maintains a 20-year yoga practice and teaches yoga and meditation in her community.  

Bette Venturi

Bette Venturi

Customer Service Director & HR

With a degree in Psychology from California State University Sacramento, seven years in sales and marketing with an environmental instrumentation company, and four years as a customer service supervisor/trainer/coach at an ayurvedic herbal company, Bette brings a wealth of experience in building and maintaining cohesive, committed, and enthusiastic teams. She built a world class customer specialist team, beginning with the interviewing process, to on-boarding through training and coaching sessions, to crafting ongoing training in professional development and retention programs. Bette cultivates the highest level of quality from herself and her team which translates to the elevation of the employee and customer experience. Bette is a native Oregonian, who settled in Southern Oregon with her husband and extended family. 

Kelly Rogan

Kelly Rogan

Digital Media Czar

Kelly received her business degree from Towson University in Maryland, and is an experienced marketer, having co-founded and led the growth of a SaaS loyalty technology company, a global community for women entrepreneurs and marketing agency for eco-friendly brands. She lives & breathes sustainability focusing on scalable strategies that expand the impact of purpose-driven brands.

Kelly is native of Maryland and currently lives between Spain & DC with her partner Manu and adopted pup, Coque. Her self-care routine starts with the present moment and being aware of the state of her mind and body. She enjoys running, yoga, meditation and HIT workouts, while sticking to a vegetarian Mediterranean diet. She unwinds by journaling and reading books.


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