Beachy Homi Tube

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Beachy Homi Yoga Mat Tube embodies and brings forth those delightful negative ions from the surf into your wellness space. This sustainable mat and foam roller storage unit helps you to honor your practice space by keeping it neat and tidy and ready for regular use.

Meet the Homi Yoga Mat Tube

Materials & Fabrication

Homi Yoga Mat Tube:

Consciously crafted by hand in the USA using eco-chic design paper, 100% recycled durable paper, wood fiber pulp, and NAUF wood panel. Learn more about our passion for self-care and sustainability.

Yoke Floor Stand:

 Consciously crafted by hand in the USA. The frame is made from recycled, cold-rolled steel and is finished with a powder coat for durability.

Design Details

Homi Yoga Mat Tube:

Depending on the selected pattern, paper seam at back will be more or less visible. End wood cap has a generous air hole to promote freshness.

Interior Diameter: 6” (15 cm)

Height: 20” (51cm)

Weight: 3.3lbs (1.5 kg)


The Homi Yoga Storage Tube arrives pre-assembled and is designed to house most yoga mats and foam rollers. To gauge the fit of your mat or roller, simply measure the diameter of your firmly rolled mat or your foam roller. If it measures less than 6" (15 cm) your mat or roller will fit like a hand in a glove!

Yoke Yoga Block Stand comes pre-assembled and is designed to fasten directly to your Homi Yoga Mat Tube and provide storage for additional props.

Simply lineup hardware at bottom of tube with holes at the top of stand and turn to fasten the tube securely to the stand.


Interior of the Homi tube is moisture resistant and both the interior and exterior can be cleaned with a damp lint-free cloth. Avoid using cleaning solutions and excessive rubbing to avoid damage.

This is an indoor product. It is recommended to keep your yoga mat tube out of direct and prolonged sunlight to avoid fading. Intense heat or cold may alter or damage the product.

Clean the Yoke Stand with a damp lint-free cloth and buff with a dry cloth; do not use cleaners or solvents.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Stark

no comment

Randy Greenholt
Looks at great as the photos, seems very s...

Looks at great as the photos, seems very sturdy, and was less expensive than other online stores.

Patty Brown Jast
This is the second yoga mat holder. They...

This is the second yoga mat holder. They are high quality, and the beach/ocean scene is beautiful.

Ellie Wolff
Beautiful yoga mat & block holder! The sel...

Beautiful yoga mat & block holder! The seller worked with me to have my order shipped quickly & received in less than a week which is amazing!! Love it so much already.

Kelly Wilson Jerde
Absolutely stunning! At first I was hesita...

Absolutely stunning! At first I was hesitant because of the price, but it was worth every penny. I would highly recommend purchasing the base that goes along with this as well. It has transformed the ‘yoga corner' in my small apartment!