Consumers today are looking beyond price tags when making purchasing decisions. 

Fast fashion companies are under more scrutiny as reports of their environmental impact and labor malpractices circulate the internet. Now, consumers look at a $5 shirt and ask themselves was this made in humane working conditions? How long will this shirt last?

A 2019 study by Coleman Parkes Research found that 47% of shoppers want to buy from environmentally conscious businesses. For buyers ages 18 to 23, the number is a staggering 89%. Consumers feel that brands should create a positive impact and they’re willing to use their money to pressure brands to do better.

“Every dollar you spend . . . or don't spend . . . is a vote you cast for the world you want.” 

― L.N. Smith

So, how can brands shift to be more environmentally and socially conscious? Start with your business values.  

Business values define the brand and shape its strategy, while showing consumers what the company truly stands for. Core values must go beyond simple statements, they have to reverberate across product designs, supply chains, and marketing strategies. Companies need to align their words and actions. 

At Mache, our core values define our business goals. Our vision is clear: Do no harm. 

Transparency is key to aligning words and actions. We want to be honest and clear to our consumers, our stakeholders, and our suppliers. Why? To build trust, community and loyalty.

We work closely with ambassadors and partners who care deeply about wellness and sustainability. From Melbourne to NYC, our ambassadors are spreading the importance of well-being and self-care within their communities. 

Aligning actions with values is equally as important for us as individuals. Our personal values can shape our friendships, dietary choices, and spending habits. When we live according to our personal values, we create the most authentic version of ourselves. 


Here are 5 steps to help you define your values and live by them: 

Think about what makes you feel good

Values determine your priorities and help you determine if your life is turning out the way you want it to. Before defining your values ask yourself the following questions:

  • What makes you proud? 
  • What kind of behavior makes you angry? 
  • What inspires you? Who inspires you and why?
  • What fills you with positive energy?

Think about the common values that are important to you, and which ones you want to integrate into your life. These values will be a reflection of the choices and actions you take on a daily basis. 


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Define your values and write them down

Once you recognize what makes you happy, you can craft your personal values. Try to look internally and ignore external pressures and influences. Your friends and family don’t have to understand or share the same values as you. It’s important to focus on yourself and your happiness. These values should help you to answer questions such as:

  • What career path should I take?
  • Should I follow family tradition?
  • Where should I live? 
  • Who should I allow to be part of my life?
  • Should I start a new entrepreneurial project? 

Now that you have defined these values, write them down in a place you can always come back to in the future and reflect on as you continue to grow in your personal and professional life.

Make your values a habit

It’s time to put your values into action. To integrate them into your daily choices and actions you need to remind yourself of your values every day. Put a note on your refrigerator door or bathroom mirror. Create a mantra to repeat to yourself during your morning meditation. When making a big decision write down how the different options connect to your values. It becomes easier to build a life you are proud of and truly enjoy when your values become ingrained into your everyday life. 


Know when your values are out of alignment

It’s important to allow yourself to make mistakes or missteps. Try to identify the moments when you stray away from your values. What caused these conflicts? What can you do about it moving forward?

It is easier for you to get back on track when you know you made a misstep. Go back to the moment you first started to feel unaligned and try to think about why you felt this way. Getting yourself back in connection with your values can only happen when you recognize why you felt out of alignment in the first place. This will help you to understand if the value is something you want to keep living by or if it is time to reassess your values.

Reassess your values

What if you changed your beliefs or priorities? Know that it’s okay to change your values. We are all learning and growing. Maybe something changed in your personal life or you learned something new that makes you question your values. It’s always okay to reassess. You should never live by something you do not believe in.  

Taking the time to set clear values will help us achieve our goals while avoiding friction, conflict, and unhappiness. The longer we prolong the process of defining our values, the longer there will be friction between your personal life and professional life- or your brand and your consumers. Remember that our values mean nothing if we don’t align them with our actions. Let’s all take time to define our values and focus on adjusting our actions. 

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April 08, 2021 — Bette Venturi

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