Right now, your preferred method of yoga mat storage may involve rolling it up and leaning it against a wall in the corner of the room, on the floor of your car, or may be collecting dust in the back of your closet. 

Your partner trips over it, and your pet may even use it as a personal scratching post. Not only is your mat damaged, your studio disorganized, and your practice suffering, but your bank account receives a sizable dent from needing to replace your equipment. It doesn’t have to be this way.

With the protection, organization, efficiency, and functionality of yoga mat storage, you can rest assured that you and your practice are both well-supported.

The Pros of Yoga Mat Storage

Yoga mat storage provides a place dedicated to store your equipment. It prevents damage to your mat from sun exposure, scratch marks, and dirty shoe prints. It allows you to organize your yoga equipment and keep your practice space orderly and free from distractions. Finally, yoga mat storage enhances your studio space with additional functionality, ultimately elevating your practice. 

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Yoga Mat Storage Prevents Damage and Deterioration

First and foremost, improper storage can lead to creases, tears, and fading — all of which will wear down the mat’s surface, causing it to lose its soft cushion and grip over time. Naturally, the faster your yoga mat wears down, the sooner you need to replace it. 

Yoga mat storage gives you a designated place to put your mat and protects it between practices. A product with a cylindrical structure, such as the Homi Tube by Mache, maintains the shape of your yoga mat. Its durable materials and protective exterior prevent damage and deterioration, ultimately preserving the quality of your yoga mat so it can continue serving its purpose: supporting you and your practice in a sustainable way.

Proper Yoga Storage Protects Your Investment

While they can be expensive depending on the materials used, quality yoga mats make up for their cost with the support they offer you and your practice. Taking care of your mat also promotes sustainability both with the materials used and the duration of time you can use the mat. Dedicated yogis like yourself spend a pretty penny on your yoga equipment and naturally want to do whatever you can to protect and maintain it to preserve the overall lifespan.

A high-quality yoga mat storage solution is an investment in your mat's future — and the future of your practice. By protecting your mat from wear and tear, proper yoga mat storage can prolong your mat's lifespan. In turn, yoga storage ensures you get more out of your yoga mat, for a longer amount of time.

Organize Your Space With Yoga Mat Storage 

If you're not storing your yoga mat efficiently, you're probably dealing with a disorganized practice space. Disorganization clutters your environment and your mind, preventing complete focus. The distraction pulls you out of your practice and hinders your ability to accomplish your yoga goals. 

Organize your space with Mache Yoga Mat Storage

Introspection, an awareness of one's internal and external environment, is one of the essential goals of yoga. True introspection requires a deep level of concentration. As you can likely imagine, such focus can only occur with proper conditions.

Enter yoga mat storage. 

Yoga mat storage organizes your equipment, keeping your environment free of distractions. It ensures your space is conducive to complete concentration so you can reap the full benefits of your practice. 

Yoga Mat Storage Enhances Your Studio

Whether it’s your home gym, living room, or a professional studio, your yoga space is a sacred one, not just a place to practice. Naturally, it needs a personal touch to reflect who you are and how you like to live. 

Different people have different tastes, so your yoga mat storage solution must be personalizable to ensure it blends in with the rest of your space. The Homi Tube by Mache comes in numerous colors and patterns, so you can pick one that suits your style and matches your existing decor.

A customizable and stylish solution like those made by Mache allows you to match your yoga mat storage to your aesthetic and practice preferences, no matter what they are.

Elevate Your Practice With Yoga Mat Storage

The right yoga mat storage solution aligns your inner goals with your interior environment. It is a storage solution fit for function, providing one convenient and accessible place for your equipment. With its efficient functionality, yoga mat storage does more than just house your yoga mat. It allows you to focus on what's most important: elevating your practice. 

Whether with new poses or props, your yoga mat storage solution will encourage you to challenge yourself every time you step on the mat.

Make a Difference With Mache 

The numerous benefits and options on the market make yoga mat storage the ideal solution for all spaces, styles, and practice preferences. But if you’re looking for the efficiency and functionality of yoga mat storage with a focus on sustainability and earth-friendly initiatives, there’s only one perfect match for you: Mache.

Mache is one of the world's leading producers of sustainable wellness solutions. Their eco-friendly yoga and fitness storage is among the highest-rated sustainable storage solutions for yogis worldwide. 

For Mache, sustainability is a commitment that lies at the core of every product, and they embrace the beauty of the biodegradable. Mache products consist of durable materials and high-quality components such as breathable natural fibers, recycled wood pulp, and non-toxic coatings. Their yoga storage solutions are the only products of their kind made entirely from eco-friendly materials in a sustainable process from start to finish.

These eco-friendly efforts result in a customizable and consciously crafted yoga storage solution with low environmental impact. With a yoga mat tube by Mache, you can practice with the peace of mind that your storage solution is sustainable, will support your practice, and will honor the planet.

Closing Considerations

The benefits of proper yoga mat storage go beyond just keeping your space clean and your mat in good condition. Yoga storage aligns you with your space and goals, ensuring that you and your practice are supported every time you step foot on the mat. 

With its protection, organization, efficiency, and functionality, a yoga mat storage solution from Mache is an investment that pays for itself.

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Team Mache lives and breathes Sustainability, Wellness, and Design

Our yoga mat holders are handcrafted in small batches in the Pacific Northwest. We work hard to create products that are inspiring, practical, and reflective of ethical production.

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January 13, 2023 — Team Mache

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