2021 Artist Contest 

Participate in Mache's artist contest to win your own limited edition Homi Tube design & extensive promotion. This year's theme is: 
Holding Space For Your Happy Place

What Can You Win?

The winner of the contest will obtain extensive promotion through Mache's social media accounts, email newsletter, blog post and website highlight. You will also win a Homi Tube with your design in addition to a Homi limited edition design that we will continually promote while giving credit to the artist helping to expand your community. This year's theme is: Holding Space For Your Happy Place. 

Tier One Prizes

Total Value $450+

  • Bean yoga mat, bag and blocks
  • Yoga International yearly subscription
  • Mache Homi Tube with custom design
  • Yala Gift Card

Tier Two Prizes

Total Value $250+

  • Yoga International yearly subscription
  • Mache Homi Tube with custom design
  • Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Cleaner

Tier Three Prizes

Total Value $100+

  • Mache Homi Tube with custom design
  • Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Cleaner

Bean Products Yoga Mat, Bag and Yoga Blocks

Bean Products is a supplier of handmade eco-friendly home goods. They will be providing the winner their OMphibian Yoga Mat, Hemp Yoga Mat Bag and 4” Cork Blocks 2-Pack.

Yoga International Yearly Subscription

Yoga International is a community for a higher level of health and happiness through yoga. They will be providing the tier one and tier two winners winners a yearly subscription for their services. 

Mache Custom Designed
Homi Tube

Mache will be providing all the winners Homi Yoga Mat Tubes. The Homi tube will come in your custom design and will help to elevate your home wellness space and show off your own artwork!

Yala Bamboo Clothing and Bedding Gift Card

Yala creates sustainable, socially responsible bamboo sleepwear, apparel, and bedding for men and women. You will obtain a gift card of $150 to select the items you like best! 

How Can You Join the Contest?

Deadline to Join Contest

July 24th Deadline 

Art Design Submission & Application
To join the contest you must apply through the form below and submit your artwork following the requirements below.

July 30th Deadline

Community Vote
After the design submission we start voting where you can encourage your community to vote before we announce the winner!

August 2nd

Winner Announcement
After the community votes for their favorite artist and we review all submissions we will announce the lucky winner on August 2nd 

Design Requirements 

  • Minimum size requirements: 21in X 21in and 6600px X 6600px. 
  • File format: PDF, JPEG, or PNG
  •  Layout considerations: The center top 6 in. portion of artwork will be removed during manufacturing (please reference images below). The center of your artwork will align with the front face of the Homi Tube with the sides joining together to form a vertical seam at the backside of the tube.
  • Design considerations: During this past year of re-evaluating our lives and work, hibernating, and reflecting on and incorporating new self-care practices, many of us have experienced some positive shifts in our lives. You may have already had a Happy Place you retreated to for rejuvenation, or maybe created or evolved one during the past chaotic year. Here at Mache, we like to say that our products "hold space for one's Happy Place" (on the mat). We would love to see what your "Happy Place" looks like and wrap it around one of our eco-friendly/sustainable Homi Yoga Mat Storage Tubes! 

Previous Artist Designs 

Harmony Willow Studio

Harmony is an artist from Brooklyn, NY who created three unique designs for our Homi Tube to inspire body positivity, mindfulness and yoga for all. Her designs are called Galaxy Hands, I am Yoga, and In the Garden.

We have seen huge success in the sale of these designs and promotion of the incredible artist, Harmony Willow Studio.

Check out more of her work here.