We are so excited to have you on board to join our community of yoga, wellness & sustainability enthusiasts working to make a positive impact! On this page you will discover all the ways to earn points and redeem rewards once you get started!

Welcome to Mache's Yoga Ambassador

yoga ambassador program


01  Sign Up & Get Accepted

Apply through the survey at the end of this page, we will review and once you're accepted into Mache's yoga ambassador program you can start to participate in the virtuous cycle 

02  Start Earning Points 

Once you're accepted into Mache's yoga ambassador program you can start earning points by taking various actions to help support our community, which you can redeem towards valuable rewards

03  Redeem Rewards & Repeat

Now that you have points you can begin to redeem rewards, which help you to grow and continue to support your community through donations, shared content and much more

02  earn points 


Facebook yoga ambassador

Facebook Actions

  • Facebook Page Like
  • Leave a review on Facebook
  • Share a Mache image on Facebook sharing a discount on Mache's products 
Facebook yoga ambassador

Instagram Actions

  • Instagram Account Follow
  • Story sharing Mache's product & account
  • Post sharing Mache images and discount including the link in bio discount link
Facebook yoga ambassador

Content Sharing Actions

  • Share your home wellness space by sending us a picture and description 
  • Send us an infographic/design that we can share with our community while tagging you

Actions Worth 300 Points 

Facebook yoga ambassador

Direct Shares

  • Send an email to your database that includes discounts to Mache products 
  • Refer a new member to the Mache yoga ambassador program
Facebook yoga ambassador

Video Content 

  • Send us video content of your wellness or sustainability practice that we can share with our community 
  • Provide a video recommendation of the Mache product to your audience
Facebook yoga ambassador

Content Creation 

  • Write blog content that we can publish on heymache.com related to topics of sustainability, wellness and or design 
  • Write content on your website or blog that promotes Mache's products 

03  redeem rewards & repeat

Rewards Worth 500 Points

Facebook yoga ambassador

Discount Package 

In this discount package you'll receive a series of offers for Mache products as well as other yoga, wellness, design and sustainability products 

Facebook yoga ambassador

Inclusion in Newsletter 

You will be highlighted in our monthly newsletter sent to over 3K+ yogis including an image, description and link of your choice 

Facebook yoga ambassador

Social Media Promotion

Mache will share your image, description and link to our global community on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to grow your audience

Rewards Worth 1000 Points 

Facebook yoga ambassador

Website Promotion

You will be included in the yoga ambassador directory on our website promoting your services and or products to our global community

Facebook yoga ambassador


We will make a donation to a charity of your choosing and share this on our social media to encourage our community to donate as well 

Facebook yoga ambassador

Extensive Promotion

To help boost your brand awareness we will provide promotion through a blog post, which includes social shares and email campaign

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