Rhombi Cannoli Rack


With twice the yoga mat storage, Rhombus is a quadrilateral shape where all four sides are the same length, often referred to as a diamond. Choose from cool modern hues to match your clean yoga space and enhance your daily wellness routine with twice the amount of sustainable storage. Rhombi Cannoli Rack reminds us to infuse a sense of balance and symmetry into yoga practice.

Meet The Yoke Storage Collection

Materials + Fabrication

 Consciously crafted by hand in the USA 

 Frame is made from cold-rolled steel and is finished with a powder coat for durability

Useage + Maintenance

Yoke Yoga Block Bracket comes pre-assembled and is designed to fasten directly to the wall and your Homi Yoga Mat Tube

Attach the bracket to the wall using hardware, included

Simply lineup hardware at bottom of tube and holes at the top of the bracket and turn to fasten the tube securely to the bracket

Homi Yoga Mat Tubes and the Yoke Yoga Block Bracket are sold separately

Clean with a damp lint-free cloth and buff with a dry cloth; do not use cleaners or solvents