Totally Green. Totally Tubular.

Hey, we’re Mache. We design beautiful yoga mat storage that supports your practice. Made out of recycled materials, our home practice tube will keep your mat clean, tidy, and ready to unroll. Why? Because just like you, we love our yoga practice. And we believe hopping on the mat every day should be easy.
Mache Yoga Mat Storage

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Brienne Derosier | Mache Yoga Mat Storage


Brienne Derosier balances her career in interior design with a strong yoga practice, and a lifelong love of wellness. As co-founder of Mache, Brie aims to bring a sense of “truth in materials” to her recycled, eco-friendly designs, and to ensure that they are manufactured and consumed in a way that is symbiotic with the planet. 

Brie earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture and Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon. She also founded 2Yoke Design, a multidisciplinary creative house specializing in Interior Wellness Design for the home and workplace. After seven successful years designing in the PNW, Brie shifted focus to co-found Mache with her friend of almost 16 years, Courtney Tysell, and expand on her love of creating with recycled materials. In addition to her long career in design, Brie is a certified yoga instructor and has been leading classes everywhere from nature trails out in the wild, to conference rooms during lunch breaks. Brie feels that her strength as a designer comes from her ability to balance work with yoga, and is delighted at how these two practices inform and nurture each other.

Courtney Tysell | Mache Yoga Mat Storage


The daughter of a doctor and a dancer, wellness is in Courtney’s DNA. Her extensive education in environmental science and design, along with her commitment to the planet, and love of community-building have culminated in co-founding Mache.

Raised in California and educated in Oregon, Courtney has worked across many fields ranging from landscape design to a career in the culinary arts. In her various titles, Courtney has found that what connects her interests is the study of wellness. Just as every one person’s actions affect others, so does the knowledge and expertise from one experience to the other. Each iteration of her career has been a natural step stemming from her lifelong love and study of health, movement, and design. 

Before embarking on Mache, Courtney joined Brienne Derosier at 2Yoke Design. Together they created eco- and health-conscious homes, yoga studios, health clinics, farm-to-table restaurants, ergonomic workplaces and co-housing communities. Courtney is also a certified yoga instructor, an accomplished chef, and a renowned event-planner.

A business is a living thing, and we’re committed to growing with intention. Here are the core agreements we use to keep ourselves on track for success.

Mache Yoga Mat Storage


Maximize Creativity & Minimize Waste: We agree to live in symbiosis with the Planet by rethinking the status quo in manufacturing and consumerism.


Authenticity in Word & Action: We agree to practice integrity in both our words and actions by being authentic. We walk the talk.


Conscious Care for All Life: We agree to courageously prioritize self care and health for all living beings, and for the planet. Our products aim to protect, heal, and nurture the planet and its people. We do all that we can to use recycled materials, minimize our carbon footprint, use non-toxic materials, and create functional designs aimed to encourage wellness practice.


Helpful Habits of Service, Empowerment & Education: We agree to practice kindness through our thoughts, actions, and engagement with others. We love to share not only the love, but the tools, the wisdom and the profits.


Encourage Change that Leads to Growth: We strive towards growth not just as a sign for a healthy business, but as a challenge to do better, solve problems responsibly, and set a good example. We welcome change and the opportunity to alchemize change into positive growth. We agree to face growing pains as a team, with positive energy, and a solution-based mindset.

Mache Yoga Mat Storage

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